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National Restaurant Properties

National Restaurant Properties is the only Commercial Real Estate & Business Advisory firm dedicated to F&B industry.

Our team of diversely talented restaurant industry & CRE professionals are focused on taking your F&B brand to the next level in the Charlotte market & beyond. Whether you're a start-up venture that needs a hand in all facets of starting your business, or a seasoned operations team that just needs help with one or two elements - our team is loaded with talents that will be useful to your brand's growth.

Our mission is simple. If we help you get what you want out of your business, we will get what we want out of ours.

We are a team of CRE professionals with a deep knowledge of your F&B business – from the front doors to the kitchen sink - as well as an intimate knowledge of the markets we operate in. We have our finger on the pulse & vibe of every neighborhood in this market - and can help you secure the most economical pathway forward for your brand.

While we cast a wide net, our impact is local. Our team’s passion for the F&B industry directly impacts the culture of the communities we operate in – an energetic collection of dining & drinking options will always lead to the development of a vibrant and prosperous community.

Nothing defines the vibe of a community more than the restaurants & bars in that neighborhood. At NRP, we take pride in our impact on every community or development we work with.

We look forward to helping you along your journey.

Phone: 704-957-6920
Primary Services
  • Site Selection & Leasing
  • Business Brokerage & Exit Strategy Consulting
  • F&B Investment Properties & Development
  • Franchise Sales & Re-Sales
  • Operations Consulting
  • Design & Construction
  • Commercial Insurance

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Sherman Walters

CEO - National Restaurant Properties

Scott Lee

COO - National Restaurant Properties

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